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At The Talking Page Literacy Organization, we rely on a lot of great research into the mind and English learning for our lessons. As a literacy organization, we'd like to highlight some fun and educational websites, articles, and books:

• The National Illiteracy Action Project
• Illiteracy In America: Extant, Causes, and Suggested Solutions
Linguistic Brain Connections and Process
• City of Costa Mesa, California Press Release About Talking Page
Brain Matters: The Talking Page Literacy Organization's Tutoring Approach

Other Website Links

We also have some links to similar education websites for those who want to further explore English. These sites include:

Early Childhood Education (ECE)
The National Institute of Child Health and Human Development
• Committee for Children®
• I Am Your Child
• The DANA Foundation
• The Linguistic Society of America(LSA)
• The National Right to Read Foundation
• The Riggs Institute - A nonprofit publisher & teacher, parent, & tutor training agency.
• International Center for Leadership In Education

• edsanders.com - Phonics
• National Center for Families Learning™
• Dave's ESL Cafe
National Network for Educational Renewal (NNER)
• Education World® - Where Educators Go To Learn
• EducationNews.org - America's Leading Source of Educational News
• ABC Learn, Inc.
• League Of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC)
• Center for Equal Opportunity

Further Reading

We also suggest reading up on the human mind. Some materials include:

• National Institutes of Health Research by Dr. Paul McLean and Dr. Candace Pert
 The Learning Revolution by Gordon Dryden and Jeannette VOS, ED.D.
• Whole-Brain Thinking: Working From Both Sides Of the Brain To Achieve Peak Job Performance by Jacquelyn Wonder and Priscilla Donovan
• Peak Learning by Ronald Gross