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The Talking Page Literacy Organization was started to meet the urgent need to help parents of 6-8 year old children learn the basic sounds of the letters that form the English language, spoken and in words.

Our literacy program was developed in print form and with the aid of the SONO audio system. The SONO audio system was the teacher. This allowed the instruction to be provided based on how the brain processes oral and written lesson. This is important because each lesson has to be repeated four times in the correct way for the brain to process via the neuro links for instant recall.

1998 Literacy Program



The Talking Page Literacy Organization became part of California Children and Family First project to help families prepare their children to enter school. Our literacy program was expanded to meet the California educational standards for kindergarten and first grade. Our program was made available to selected California county's families funded by grants from those county Children and Family First Commission. Each grant had to meet strict before and after outcomes by the participants. One hundred 48 lessons TPLO programs were provided to a Santa Ana Elementary school with an attendance to 92% of Spanish speaking students and ten volunteer teachers were trained in the use of the programs. Students' parents were invited to attend the after school lessons and were also learning to read, write, spell and speak English. The California English proficiency test results in the next year showed a 64% improvement.

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The Talking Page Literacy Organization became part of No Child Left Behind- US Department of Education in after school English Language tutoring programs in schools across California.

No Child Left Behind


The Talking Page Literacy Organization became part of Coca Cola’s outreach to Spanish speaking employees in the fast food business.

Coca-Cola English Linguistics Program Coca-Cola English Linguistics Program


The Talking Page Literacy Organization starts to fight an epidemic that affects the education, economic standing and health of the 41.7% of the state residents that are English Language Development Learners (ELD).

This epidemic is adult illiteracy.

The progress of limited-English students will provide the ultimate test of America’s concerted effort to improve public education. The new findings could signal trouble for America, where one in four students is not proficient in English and nearly half qualify for the free lunch program. In the Los Angeles Unified School District, where scores are generally lower than the state average, nearly half of the 712,000 students are English-language learners and more than three-quarters qualify for free or reduced-priced lunches, a standard indication of poverty.

National Illiteracy Action Project


The Talking Page Literacy Organization goes digital in Asia to teach millions online.